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          Coating enterprises should avoid risks and seize opportunities in the environment

          Publication time:2018.08.16 21:35

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          Coating enterprises should avoid risks and seize opportunities in the environment


          Huaicong paint net news: with the improvement of people's living standards and the quality of paint products, more and more consumers began to pursue high-end products. Add raw material price is high, the strength that the country grasps environmental protection is bigger and bigger also, also because such, paint company changes market strategy in succession, find accurate oneself new position.


          It is better to seize opportunities by taking chances. To achieve industrial upgrading requires not only the continuous efforts of enterprises to enhance their brand value, but also the promotion of the overall environment. Enterprises want to seek development opportunities, the best place to start is to analyze the current difficulties, crisis, crisis, want to see what is going on, pay close attention everywhere.


          The risk that coating enterprise faces


          1. The raw material price of coating is high and the production cost is not under pressure


          For example, the common raw material of coating, titanium dioxide, has increased its price 14 times in 2016, from 9,500 yuan/ton at the beginning of the year to 1.6 tons. In 2017, it continued to rise, with a slight drop in the middle, but it soon resumed its rise, stabilizing at about 18,000 / ton. The price trend of easy rising and hard falling led to increased cost pressure of coating enterprises. In addition, there are a series of expenses such as transportation cost, production cost and inventory management. If a paint company is careless, it will fall into the mire of insufficient funds.


          2. Product homogenization poses serious threat of substitutes.


          The homogenization of coating products leads to the imitation and plagiarism of different brands of coating products in performance, appearance and even marketing means in the coating market. Brands that lack differentiation and want to gain market share often use price as a breakthrough to promote products, thus forming vicious price competition that seriously affects market order. This phenomenon not only affects a brand, but also casts a shadow over the development of the paint industry.


          3. Increasingly stringent environmental protection laws and regulations reduce the living space of enterprises


          With the development of modern science and technology and modern industry, environmental pollution poses a great threat to the earth on which people live and to humanity itself. Traditional coating contains a large number of solvents in the manufacturing and construction process into the atmosphere, both pollution of the environment. The environmental protection tax and park entry order issued successively formed a double storm, which swept the paint industry. In 2017 alone, thousands of enterprises went bankrupt, forming a wave of bankruptcy.


          How should coating enterprises deal with risk aversion


          1. Make good use of new business models in the big data environment


          With the development of the Internet, e-commerce platforms are increasingly close to People's Daily life, and the raw materials of enterprises have changed from the original single offline purchase channel to online and offline purchase at the same time. Through the collection and analysis of relevant data, enterprises can quickly obtain the cost performance of raw materials of various merchants, so as to choose the most suitable one for them. Moreover, due to the large number of e-commerce, the room for bargaining is expanded. Through the analysis of each warehouse situation and transportation route, enterprises can make the inventory and transportation route of each warehouse more scientific, thus reducing more costs.


          2. Strengthen technological upgrading to form core advantages


          As mentioned above, thousands of coating enterprises have closed down in 2017. These enterprises have several things in common: first, there are no core products; second, they mainly produce low-end products; third, most of them have not entered the market. If a coating enterprise wants to survive and develop in the fierce market competition, it must grasp the "change" : change the production technology, form the core product, extend the industrial chain and satisfy the consumer demand. Second change enterprise service, people-oriented, for consumers to provide butler type close service; Three changes marketing strategy, expand promotion channels.


          Deepen cooperation with the international community


          With the end of the protection period of WTO15 years, the implementation of One Belt And One Road and aiib strategy, it provides a good opportunity for national paint enterprises to enter the international market.


          Keep the market forward and keep up with The Times


          Many people believe that the policy has forced a wave of enterprises to close down and the paint industry has a bad future, but it is not true. The implementation of these policies is based on the protection of the paint industry. Allowing the existence of extensive small and medium-sized enterprises will only lead to stagflation of production capacity and affect the operation of the industrial chain. These policies are like delicate sieve through layer upon layer, what remains are excellent enterprises that are firmly established and become fresh force in the paint industry.



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