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          Hydroxypropyl starch ether

          Hydroxypropyl starch ether

          Hydroxypropyl starch ether

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            Hydroxypropyl starch ether                                                              
            1. Chemical name: hydroxypropyl starch
            2. English name: hydroxypropyl starch ether   Abbreviation: HPS
            3. Structural formula:
            Chemical name and structural formula:

            R=—H,—CH3,—CH2CH(OH)CH3        n=Polymerization degree
            4. Technical requirements
            Item Numerical Value
            Appearance powder
            PH value(3.75% aqueous solution) 9—11
            Viscosity(5% aqueous solution) 400—1200mpas
             Moisture content %≤ 5
            * Hydroxypropyl content % 15—30
            Ⅱ. Physical properties.
            1. Appearance: White (colorless) powder, good fluidity.
            2. It has good water solubility. Aqueous solution is transparent and colorless with good stability.
            3. It is stable being with acid and alkali. Gelatinization temperature is lower than native starch. Hot and cold viscosity stability is better than the original starch.
            4. Viscosity will not change when being with salt and sugar.
            5. Freeze-thaw stability and transparency is better than the original starch.
            Ⅲ.  Main application
            1. Food industry: Hydroxypropyl starch can be used as thickener, suspending agent, and adhesive.
            2. Paper industry: Hydroxypropyl starch can be used as paper sizing and surface sizing to ensure smooth film, reduce the ink consumption, and have a certain ability to nap.
            3. Textile industry: Hydroxypropyl starch can be used as warp size to increase the wear resistance and weaving efficiency. And high substitution degree of hydroxypropyl starch can be used as thickener.
            4. Pharmaceutical industry: Hydroxypropyl starch can be used as disintegrating agents of tablets and plasma enhancer.
            5. Oil drilling industry: It helps to stabilize oil drilling borehole and improve drilling conditions such as anti-sloughing, flocculation drilling cuttings
            6. Daily chemical industry: Hydroxypropyl starch can be used as binder, suspending agent and thickener in daily chemical industry and cosmetic or coating
            7. Building materials: Hydroxypropyl starch can be used as adhesive, coating or organic liquid.
            ① All kinds of (cement, gypsum, lime and calcium base ) wall putty additives.
            ② All kinds of additives of decorative mortar and plastering mortar.
            ③ It can be as the molding adhesive of all kinds of ceramic and porcelain products.
            ④ As good thickener and stabilizer, it plays a role in suspension
            And emulsion in the aqueous solution. Recommended
            dosage: 0.1%-0.3% (add 1.0-3.0kg per ton) 
            Advantages and application:
            ①Rapid thickening ability is available.
            ②It is with medium viscosity and high water retention.
            ③With a small amount, a little increase can achieve high effect.
            ④It can be used together with methyl cellulose ( MC ) and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ( HPMC ) to reduce the amount of cellulose ether
            ⑤It can improve the sagging resistance ability to prevent the (sliding) flowing of materials when coated or pasted.
            ⑥ Lubrication can improve the operating skills of the material to
            ensure more smooth operation.
            Ⅳ. Package
            Paper-plastic bag lined with polyethylene film bag, net weight of each bag: 25Kg. Avoid the sun and rain and moisture during storage and transportation.