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          Propylene glycol

          Propylene glycol

          Propylene glycol

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          • Product details


            Chinese name :1, 2-propylene glycol; 1, 2-dihydroxypropane; Propylene glycol; Alpha propylene glycol


            Product English name :1, 2-propanediol; 1, 2 - Dihydroxypropane; Alpha Propylene glycol; Propylene glycol


            English nickname: (+ / -) - 1 - Glycerol, polymer - supported; Ethane - 1, 2 - diol - prop - 1 - ene (1:1)


            Molecular formula: CH2OHCHOHCH3 (C3H8O2)


            EINECS: 200-338-0


            CAS number: 57-55-6


            Safety term: avoid contact with skin and eyes


            Mixed with water, ethanol and a variety of organic solvents. Propanediol can be used as raw material for unsaturated polyester resin.


            In cosmetics, toothpastes and soaps may be used in conjunction with glycerin or sorbitol as a wetting agent. It is used in hair dye as a humidifier, hair leveler, antifreeze, cellophane, plasticizer and pharmaceutical industry.


            The physical and chemical properties


            Appearance: colorless, viscous, stable, absorbent, almost tasteless, odorless.


            Relative density (water =1):1.04


            Vapor pressure: 20 ℃ 106 pa


            (closed cup flash point: 99 ℃), 107 ℃ (cup)


            Specific heat capacity (20 ℃) 2.49 kJ/kg. ℃),


            Heat of vaporization (101.3kpa)711kJ/kg.


            Spontaneous combustion temperature: 421.1 ℃


            Solubility: mixed with water, ethanol and a variety of organic solvents.


            Explosion limit :2.6-12.6%V/V


            Quality indicators


            (the quality system complies with iso9001:2000 standards)


            Indicator medical grade industrial grade 1 industrial grade


            The appearance of colorless transparent thick liquid


            Content: 99.5% min 99.5% min 99.0% min


            Chroma (platinum - cobalt) 10 Max 10 Max 16 Max


            Density (20/25 ° C) 1.0350 ~ 1.4010 1.0350 ~ 1.4010 1.0350 ~ 1.4010


            The refractive index (1.4307 ~ 1.4317 25 ° C) 1.431 ~ 1.435 1.426 ~ 1.435


            The distillation range, IBP 184.0 ° C min 184.0 ° C min 183.0 ° C min


            Distillation range, DP 189.0 ° C Max 190.0 ° C Max 190.0 ° C Max


            IR test passed -- --


            Moisture 0.2wt % Max 0.1wt % Max 0.2% Max


            Alkalinity 0.0020 wt% Max 0.0020 wt% Max 0.01% Max


            Chloride 0.007 wt% Max -- --


            Sulfate 0.006 wt% Max -- --


            Heavy metal 5 PPM Max -- --


            Burning residue 0.0070 wt% Max


            Not required


            Not required


            Volatile organic compounds - chloroform 60 PPM Max -


            Volatile organic compounds - dioxane 380 PPM Max


            Organic volatile - dichloromethane 600 ppmmax --


            Volatile organic compounds - trichloroethylene 80 PPM Max -


            Packaging, storage and transportation


            Galvanized iron drum or paint drum packing, net weight 200 or 215 + / -0.5 kg per barrel, or ISO TANK packing or as required by customers.


            The product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, and stored and transported according to general chemical regulations


            First aid fire protection measures


            First aid:


            1. Inhalation: move to fresh air and rest.


            Skin contact: remove contaminated clothing and rinse your skin or shower with plenty of water.


            3. Eye contact: open the eyes, flush with flowing water for 10 minutes, and then seek medical advice.


            This product is flammable and should be kept away from fire. Can be used dry powder, soluble foam, fog-like water, carbon dioxide and other fire extinguishing device folded


            The physical and chemical properties


            Performance unit or condition indicator


            Melting point 27 ℃ - boiling point ℃ (101.3 kPa) 214.0


            Flash point 80 ℃


            Vapor pressure KPa (20 ℃) 0.008


            Relative density D201.0554


            The refractive index ND1.4389


            Dynamic viscosity m/s46


            Explosion limit :2.6-12.6%V/V


            Solubility is mutually soluble with water, alcohol, ether and formamide, slightly soluble in benzene and chloroform in safety and flammable, in case of strong oxidant fire risk


            Toxicity LD50325.5mg/kg


            1, 3-propylene glycol is alias 1,3-dihydroxypropane, English name 1,3-propanediol or 1,3-dihydroxypropane, abbreviation PDO, CAS number 504-63-2. This product is a colorless or grey-yellow viscous transparent liquid, odourless, molecular formula C3H8O2. Hoch2-ch2-ch2oh. The molecular weight is 76.09.


            Quality indicators


            Project indicators test method for purity, 99.5 ﹪ or greater water (v/v), see appendix ﹪ 0.25 GB/T 606 or less chromaticity 25 GB/T 605 or less relative density, d2041.050 1.056 GB/T 611 boiling range (95%), 213-216 GB/T 615 ℃ acidity of 2.5 GB/T 9736 or less burning residue, establishment of 0.005 GB/T 508 or less


            Packaging, storage and transportation


            The product is packed in plastic bucket, and the size can be divided into three specifications, such as 25kg, 100kg and 210kg, or the packaging specifications are organized according to the requirements of the user.


            Main purpose


            1. Produce biodegradable memory fiber PTT as raw material.


            2. Used for raw material production of pharmaceutical intermediates.


            3. Used as antifreeze agent and organic solvent. folding