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          Troy Bactericide

          Troy Bactericide

          Troy Bactericide

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          • Product details

            American Troy Company Profile
            American Troy Company is a professional chemical enterprise, mainly engaged in the development and production of industrial performance materials. Our materials have been used and made available in over 100 countries to produce high performance, cost-effective and environmentally friendly Gaohe products. Our customers include major manufacturers in their respective industries. Our goal is to use the knowledge and expertise gained over more than 50 years of service to the global market to deliver quality products and technologies to our customers. Troy products help manufacturers and recipe designers cope with the changing demands of the global market.
            Troy's area of expertise.
            Prevention of microbial degradation in the production and processing of products
            ? Use special materials to improve customer product and manufacturing performance
            ? Use of high performance Auxiliaries to improve product surface integrity and appearance
            Global technical services that include TMMA microbiological management procedures, field testing, microbiology and analytical laboratories
            Troy uses modern production equipment on three continents to produce more than 400 preservatives, additives and metal carboxylate. Troy provides customers with global sales offices, distributors, warehouses, and logistics equipment. The company's goal is to provide customers with excellent service standards and efficient products
            Troy Products:
            ? Antimildew.
            ? Algadizing agents
            Dispersion agent
            ? Defoaming agents-Fungicides
            Rheological modifiers
            ? Fluid agent-Microbial test kit
            Industrial disinfectants
            Powder paint Auxiliaries
            ? Dry agent, polyurethane dry agent
            Troy's service industries include:
            ? External insulation
            ? Sewing
            ? Lubricating oil & amp; Cutting oil
            Paper industry
            Paint dispersants
            Powder paint
            ? Textiles & amp; Textile Coating ? Automobile Coating
            ? Emulsion polymers
            ? Home and Industrial Care
            Metallic processing fluids
            Paint and paint
            Roof paint
            Polyurethane Rubber ? Construction Engineering Products
            ? Ink
            Mineral slurry
            -Personal care
            ? Polyester resin
            Wood preservation
            Troy's main product recommendation
            Wet preservatives
            Mergal K9N
            Product characteristics: broad spectrum antibacterial, no formaldehyde, zero VOC.
            Recommended additions: 0.2-0 .5 per cent.
            Main application: environmental protection water system.
            Mergal K14
            Product characteristics: quick impact, broad spectrum antibacterial.
            Recommended addition: 0.2-0 .5 %
            Main application: environmental protection water system.
            Dry film mildew repellent
            Troysl 107
            Product characteristics: economic wide spectrum mildew repellent.
            Recommended additions: 0.2-1 .0 per cent.
            Main application: economical inner and outer wall coating.
            Troysanl S89
            Product characteristics: economic wide spectrum anti-mildew anti-algae two in one.
            Recommended additions: 0.2-1 .0 per cent.
            Main application: economical exterior wall coating.